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Commercial Ac Repair In San Mateo

Commercial AC repair In San Mateo is important for major malfunctions and breakdowns. As pros who have provided commercial AC service to the Corona, San Mateo community for decades, we want to give you some tips. The reality is, there are certain annual or monthly maintenance steps you can take that would help you avoid an emergency call to our AC service techs. 

You can stay on top of routine maintenance for your business HVAC or cooling system in these ways. Already let something go too far and have a repair concern? Whether you need us to jump in right away or just want to schedule your routine maintenance, we can help. We provide commercial HVAC services, both in-person and virtually, that can protect your valuable systems and keep your business cool.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Here are the basics to making sure your company’s air conditioner stays in good working order.

1. Don’t Go Too Low

We know. It’s hot.  But if you hike the air conditioner down as low as it can go, you’re going to overload the unit. Find a comfortable setting and you’ll avoid extra strain on your system and a more budget-friendly power bill. One easy way to control temps in your building is to get a digital, programmable thermostat. These can be calibrated to set the temp at certain degrees and certain times of day. In other words, cooler during businesses hours, warmer at night, etc. Going digital also limits access to warm-natured employees who may currently have the power to lower the temp anytime.

2. Clean It Inside & Out

Most likely, you have a few external and internal components to a commercial air conditioning.

  • Outside compressor units need to be clear of debris, dirt, obstructions and overgrown landscaping.
  • Rooftop vents shouldn’t get covered up with furniture, rooftop gardens or any other creative uses of this outdoor space.
  • Keep the fins and blades of external fans clear. This ensures that the hot air can get out so the refrigerant can operate in the correct way.
  • Replace the filters. Commercial units may have filters that are supposed to last several months. Even so, you should check them as frequently as possible to make sure they aren’t accumulating dust and inhibiting air flow.

3. Know Your Ranges and Registers

Many businesses are in buildings with two, three or more stories. This multi-level dynamic impacts how air circulates and could decrease the effectiveness or efficiency of your air conditioner. If you haven’t bought a new system recently, you can always call a specialist (like one of our team members) and get your system assessed. We can identify any changes that need to be made and educate your staff to know where the supply registers are and how they work.

4. Keep it Charged

Even tiny cracks in the system could cause refrigerant to leak. If you ever notice that your system is blowing hot air or not cooling effectively, this is an issue to look into right away. Leaked refrigerant and proper ventilation are two prime suspects for air conditioner breakdowns. In a regular tuneup, an HVAC professional will look into all of your ducts and tuneup your system. They’ll also double-check that your refrigerant is at the right level, which keeps your system running smoothly.

5. Watch for Cycle and Flow

Because it deals with cooling and heating air, air conditioning systems have a lot of moisture. In addition to double-checking for signs like frost, there are drains that can easily become plugged. You’ll want to monitor this on a regular basis. Drip pans should capture errant leaks. If they become full, they will overflow, which indicates that there is too much condensation or a plug. Plugged drain lines (usually near the condenser unit) can cause damage or cause the system to shut down entirely. The latter will happen if your system has a drain float, which issues an emergency shutoff. You can shopvac your pipes and drain lines. If you have to do this more than once or notice a lot of foul-smelling water coming out, call a professional.

When to Replace

You may have inherited an old system or simply had your system running at full capacity for a decade or more. If it is time to replace, be sure that you get expert advice. Purchasing a new air conditioner for your business that doesn’t fit the system, building size or energy needs is a waste of money. We can help you find the right unit. Contact us to learn more.

Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Even if you perform regular maintenance nd are on top of things, all machines break down sometimes. Let’s face it, southern CA definitely tests the limits of cooling systems. Depending on the age of your unit, size of your building and a ton of other elements, your air conditioners may face issues sooner rather than later. Noticing the symptoms of malfunction is going to save you huge headaches. Here are some indicators that you have a problem:

  • Consistent thumping, rattling or ringing noises. Your air conditioner runs by cycling a variety of mechanical acts in the belts, pumps, fans, etc. If anything is loose or making a strange noise, get it checked out right away.
  • Higher power bills. If there is a refrigerant leak or any other cooling efficiency issue, your unit is going to have to work double-time to try to keep the temp low.
  • Moisture or freezing. Any visible frost or extra moisture is a sign that something isn’t working properly.
  • Hot spots. If you have some areas that are very cold and some areas that are very warm, air isn’t cycling well. You can get this looked at and find the underlying causes. Bonus: this keeps your office team from waging thermostat wars.
  • Preventative maintenance is ideal. Emergency service is sometimes needed. Either way, we’ve got your back.

Commercial AC Repair: Schedule Maintenance

If the whole DIY thing is just not in your wheelhouse, schedule or interest, you can call us. We provide outstanding commercial air conditioning service. Your best bet to avoid unexpected costs is to sign up for regular maintenance. Our qualified, licensed teams know how to work with every commercial HVAC cooling and heating system. Our company is open and serving customers during the coronavirus pandemic, providing no contact service, using sanitizer, and practicing social distancing.

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Monika Lozinska
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Excellent service. Technician was very professional, knowledgeable, had good advice and was very conscientious keeping my space clean. The company has great customer support. Highly recommend this service!
Kiljoong Kim
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Came to identify the issue and replaced the unit the same day. They were very professional, courteous and efficient. They keep good records once they work on your house so they were already familiar with the issues. These guys are definitely keepers. We'll absolutely go to them again.
Colin Marshall
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Second time in less than 3 months that I’ve used these guys on 2 separate units. Both times issues were quickly diagnosed, explained, and after multiple courses of action to remedy were presented the fix was performed efficiently and professionally. Very fast response as well.
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